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About us

We are an innovative company that supports research in the area of plant biotechnology for Research Centers (public and private) in Brazil and other countries. We follow existing models in the United States, where instead of several laboratories doing plant transformation, only one Plant Transformation Facility serves everyone. In this way, we keep our structure running all year round, with  highly specialized personnel. 

Our mission

Carry out genetic transformation of plants with world-class standards and competitive costs, promoting the advancement of the scientific community and bringing innovations in biotechnology to sugarcane cultivation at the same level as those used in corn, soybean and cotton crops.

Our team

Paulo Cezar De Lucca, PhD.

Founder of PangeiaBiotech. More than 24 years of experience with genetic transformation of plants, in addition to 5 transformation patents. His career includes work time at Allelyx Applied Genomics, Syngenta and Centro de Tecnologia Canavieira (CTC).

Almir Zanca, MsC.

Business partner at PangeiaBiotech and main responsible for the molecular biology sector of the company. His career includes work time at Allelyx Applied Genomics, Monsanto, Centro de Tecnologia Canavieira (CTC) and Stoller/Corteva.

John Ke, PhD.

Business consultant at PangeiaBiotech. Has more than 30 years of work experience at Syngenta and Monsanto.

And four more staff on our team, including 3 PhD students

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